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Hardware platforms configured and imaged for your technology

Need to accelerate time to market with a pre-configured mobile platform?

Check out Kori™: a modular mobile platform designed by MBX. Kori combines the speed and efficiency of off-the-shelf components with extensive customization options to tailor the device to your application.

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Helping you stay a step ahead on your projects and bring your products to market seamlessly

Explore Our Deployment Ready Products

Access Control Servers

Hardware solutions as reliable as the software they support.

Analytics/AI Servers

Flexible, scalable platforms to optimize the efficiency and security of your software.

Client Workstations

Versatile solutions for video decoding and more.

Compute Servers

Optimized solutions for applications with dense computing needs.


Storage arrays that push the boundaries for density and capacity.

Video Recording Servers

An array of recording and storage platforms that fit any need.

We’re in the business of digital media services, not engineering and configuring appliances. Simply choosing a standard platform from a catalog and getting an empty box shipped to us was never a good solution. MBX’s ability to help us optimize our hardware as well as handle tasks like image loading and burn-in testing saves a lot of manpower on our end, shortens our turnaround times, and puts the best and most reliable appliances at customer sites.


Our Capabilities

Engineering Services

Take your technology to market without the challenges of making it work on hardware

Global Logistics

We’ll seamlessly manage your product deployments while you seize new markets

Kitting and Branding

Small details can create a huge impact – we can bring it all together for you

Product Lifecycle Management

Platforms designed and maintained with the longevity of your products in mind

Quality Manufacturing

With your name on it, every product has to work right out of the box. We stake our reputation on safeguarding yours

Software Image Integrations

The faster and easier you can access your hardware program data, the smarter your operations can function​

Warranty and Support

Warranty and support programs tailored to your project needs

Customer Tools

Discover Hatch Software

Hatch is a breakthrough cloud-based management toolset for the B2B hardware supply chain designed to dramatically reduce program administration time and costs by consolidating engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and data in a fully interactive 24/7 environment.

Forge: Test and Verification

Forge™ is our award-winning manufacturing ecosystem that enables a flexible and transparent manufacturing experience for your company without the time or expense of a custom set up.

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