Customer Tools

MBX Hatch and MBX Forge

Where the tablestakes end and our technology transcends

Customer Tools

The backbone of a fully-transparent hardware program

MBX Hatch

MBX Hatch™ is the manufacturing orchestration software toolset that centralizes all the processes for your company to manage your complex hardware program.

MBX Forge

MBX Forge™ is our award-winning manufacturing ecosystem that enables a truly custom and transparent manufacturing experience for your company without the time or expense of a custom set up.

MBX Hatch

Hatch is a breakthrough cloud-based management toolset for the B2B hardware supply chain designed to dramatically reduce program administration costs by consolidating engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and data in a fully interactive 24/7 environment.

Additional Core Features

Order Index

Filtering and finding orders couldn’t be any easier. Hatch consolidates all your sales orders and lets you filter by Open, Closed, or All orders.

Product Lifecycle Management

Gain control over the evolution of your products. Hatch shows you past, present and future lifecycle data for all the components in your systems.

Export Knowledge Base

Where do you want to grow? Every import requirement, power standards and more for 195 countries is maintained in Hatch.

Warranty Status

Stay a step ahead of product warranty expiration dates. Slice and dice the comprehensive data in Hatch to create a variety of insightful reports.

Supply Analyzer

Never has it been more important to keep your finger on the pulse of the global supply chain. Hatch shows the country of origin for every component on your platform BOMs.

Transit Disruption Dashboard

When any domestic or international event causes a roadblock for the transportation industry, Hatch flags it on a dashboard and highlights its effects.

Integrations: Slack & Microsoft

In this always-on, always-connected world, take advantage of a Slack channel and Excel integration for pushing and pulling hardware-related data with Hatch.

Communication Hub: Notifications & Attachments

Avoid the frustration of scouring email strings and piles of pdfs. With Hatch’s file attachment sharing across all business objects, all communications are located where you need them.

Forge: Test and Verification

Forge is the technology backbone of MBX’s automated manufacturing environment, securely providing all the network infrastructure, drivers, testing suites and other requirements that ensures consistent quality and eliminates the need for you to create your own infrastructure.


Forge captures your unique needs for a customized hardware program with incredible quality and efficiency:

  • Automates configuration, imaging, and testing operations to verify the consistency of every product we build for you
  • Multiple QC checkpoints with results logged before systems proceed to the next work center
  • Operates uniformly across MBX ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing sites in the U.S. and EU


Imagine having a view into your entire product build process – MBX gives you the ability to monitor your orders in progress by work center:

  • Forge captures and manages software images, license keys, MAC addresses, firmware upgrades, special testing, and more
  • Security-related utilities and data collection provide system-specific traceability at the component level
  • Exchanges data with popular ERP systems and feeds real-time information into Hatch for verification and reporting


MBX’s infrastructure and information systems undergo multiple stringent and detailed third-party quality and security audits:

  • Forge allows remote configuration via VPN and end-user specific configuration data using the MBX API
  • Version control system tracks and reports changes to each image deployment routine
  • Routing systems ensure products follow a uniform path and perform to specifications