High-Performance Computing

Delivering powerful, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to maximize the return on your infrastructure investment

With compute-intensive operations, your priority is a dense hardware design that optimizes performance and efficiency.

Sometimes a mainstream OCP option will suffice and other times only a custom-architected hardware solution will do. Either way, MBX has the HPC expertise and resources to design what you need. For more than two decades, we’ve engineered complex hardware architectures that balance speed and efficiency with cost-effective hardware and low energy consumption to support intensive workloads.

Supermicro NVMe Superserver

Key Benefits

The tools MBX Systems can bring to tackle your HPC needs.


Hardware management to blend commodity hardware with custom solutions

Achieving the lowest total cost of ownership in HPC design requires intelligent engineering to take advantage of commodity hardware. MBX engineers will configure your high-density hardware, networking, and cluster architecture with the simplicity of off-the-shelf components when possible, and will customize chassis cases or other requirements when no commercially available option exists. And if Tier 1 hardware is a priority, we can leverage our strong partnerships with Dell EMC, HPE, Intel, Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi, NVIDIA, and more.

We had an error we were unable to diagnose, and the MBX support team worked with us late into the night in diligent pursuit of a solution, even when it surfaced that it might not be a hardware problem.