Life Sciences

Innovative hardware solutions designed to manage demanding data and computational requirements

Serve up answers to challenging life science projects, faster.

Purpose-built hardware designed for your application with dense storage and memory allows your end users to quickly retrieve, manipulate and archive data. MBX’s engineering expertise enables cost-effective standardized technology to be used to optimize your hardware for a scalable solution. For more than two decades, we’ve been configuring hardware for computational and storage systems to manage intensive workloads.

Key Benefits

The tools MBX Systems can bring to tackle your life science computing needs.


Custom platforms architected on a foundation of off-the-shelf hardware

Achieving an easy to manage solution for the lowest total cost of ownership requires intelligent engineering to take advantage of commodity hardware. MBX engineers will configure your high-density hardware, networking, and cluster architecture with the simplicity of off-the-shelf components when possible, and will customize chassis cases or other requirements when no commercially available option exists. And if Tier 1 hardware is a priority, we can leverage our strong partnerships with Dell EMC, HPE, Intel, Samsung, Hitachi, Nvidia, and more.

MBX Hatch Configurable BOM

The acid test of a good working relationship is the support provided, and MBX is consistently responsive to our needs. Selecting the best-performing components for our needs at the optimal price played a pivotal role in getting our platform off the ground.