Oil & Gas

Delivering high-performance hardware for oil & gas technology to accelerate upstream and downstream processing and analytics

Technology developed for an industry that is constantly in flux and increasingly regulated requires an agile partner to handle change quickly and efficiently.

MBX can engineer a scalable high-performance hardware solution for your application to manage petabytes of data while optimizing storage efficiency for compute- and data-intensive applications.

Key Benefits

The tools MBX Systems can bring to tackle your performance needs.


Reliable ruggedized platforms fully tested and supported for maximum uptime

Any hardware device needed to run your application, from standard IoT and small form factor servers, to fanless chassis and fully custom designs, have access to extensive engineering services that include: image configuration and validation, safety and certification testing, extended burn-in and performance testing, strict engineering change control, product lifecycle management, and more.

We needed to boost our hardware performance to keep pace with data volumes. MBX’s from the ground up rebuild enabled us to set new industry standards.