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Flexible hardware platforms designed and managed for IP video surveillance deployments.

As an ISV, your supply chain can be notoriously complex. MBX helps you tackle it, with flexible deployment-ready hardware solutions supported by Hatch hardware program management software, to achieve a consistent, fully-transparent hardware program.

Key Benefits

Your customized hardware program, infinitely easier to manage.


  • ISO 9001:2015 facilities located in the U.S. and EU
  • Industry-leading 99.6% hardware quality workmanship
  • Advanced automated testing infrastructure with built-in verification controls
  • Secure, trusted chain of custody with supply traceability at the component level

MBX Manufacturing


  • In-house global compliance, logistics, and support specialists
  • Country-specific export and certification requirements detailed in Hatch
  • Identification of specific countries each platform is certified for export
  • Flexible warranty support programs spanning 155+ countries

MBX Hatch Global Shipments


Delivering breakthrough performance and density with next-gen hardware

Access Control Servers

A1-P1RS4 Series

An efficient access control solution, the A1-P1RS4 1U 4-bay server offers exceptional price to performance.

A1-P1R4 Series

For access control deployments requiring variable performance, the A1-P1R4 1U 4-bay server enables scalable performance at an affordable price point.

A1-P1R8 Series

For the most demanding access control applications, the A1-P1R8 1U 8-bay server delivers.

Analytics/AI Servers

G1-P1R2 Series

P1R2For performance intensive analytics/AI workloads in a lightweight rackmount form factor, the G1-P1R2 1U 2-bay platform is the answer.

G1-PT5 Series

For high powered GPU performance in a dense tower form factor, the G1-PT5 5-bay tower delivers.

G1-PT3 Series

Offering powerful performance in a compact form factor, the G1-PT3 3-bay tower is an analytics optimized server.

G1-P2R8 Series

Accelerate and maximize video analytics, AI, or deep learning performance with the highly versatile G1-P2R8 2U 8-bay platform.

Client Workstations

W1-PDT1 Series

The W1-DT1 workstation is a versatile, space efficient video decoding solution.

W1-PSF1 Series

The W1-PSF1 compact workstation features a dedicated NVIDIA Quadro GPU and can be deployed in a wide variety of environments.

W1-PT3 Series

The W1-PT3 tower is a high performance video decoding solution that can support multiple monitors.

W1-PT5 Series

The W1-PT5 tower is engineered for the most intensive video decoding deployment, with zero compromises on performance.

W1-P1R2 Series

The W1-P1R2 1U 2-bay rackmount video workstation satisfies intense video decoding needs.

Compute Servers

C1-P1R8 Series

The C1-P1R8 compact 1U 8-bay rack server is optimized for the dense computing needs of HPC, web tech and scale-out deployments.


S1-P5R84 Series

The S1-P5R84 5U 84-bay SAN storage array is ideal for high density storage applications.


S1-P2R12 Series


The S1-P2R12 2U 12-bay SAN storage array is optimized for highly scalable storage applications.


S1-P4R80 Series

The S1-P4R80 4U storage server powered by the OneFS file system offers high capacity scale-out NAS storage for handling massive amounts of video data.

Video Surveillance Servers

V1-P2R26 Series

The V1-P2R26 2U 26-bay server is the optimal solution for maximum performance, high density video storage.

V1-P2R18 Series

The V1-P2R18 2U 18-bay server is a highly scalable video-optimized platform that meets the ever-evolving storage requirements, balancing high-performance video recording with storage density.

V1-P2R12 Series

The V1-P2R12 2U 12-bay is a versatile video recording platform that satisfies a wide range of deployments, offering a combination of performance, storage density and expandability, and an array of redundancy features.

V1-P1R4 Series

The V1-P1R4 1U 4-bay video recording platform provides performance and storage density with enterprise features at an affordable price point.

V1-P1RS4 Series

The V1-P1RS4 1U 4-bay rackmount is an affordable entry level video storage solution.

V1-PSF1 Series

The V1-PSF1 1-bay small form factor video recording platform is suitable for a wide range of deployments that aim to balance performance with affordability in a compact footprint.

V1-PT3 Series

The V1-PT3 3-bay mini tower platform provides flexible storage density for video recording deployments.

V1-PT4 Series

The V1-PT4 4-bay tower video recording platform offers both storage density and processing power.

V1-DT1 Series

The V1-DT1 1-bay mini form factor is a workhorse for video recording deployments in confined spaces.

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