Exabeam Soars in Security Sector with MBX on Hardware Patrol

Value-Added MBX Hardware Services Help Exabeam Build Market Share for SIEM Platform

In 2015, Exabeam was an early-stage company that delivered its security information and event management (SIEM) platform on white-box hardware imaged, branded and shipped by in-house staff. Just four years later, the company emerged among the industry’s top SIEM suppliers with $190 million in VC funding, two consecutive appearances on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing U.S. companies including a #134 ranking on the 2019 list, and a position as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management.

Key support for that growth has come from the company’s collaboration with MBX Systems, a purpose-built server manufacturer with the industry’s most comprehensive value-added capabilities that assumed all Exabeam hardware program responsibilities in 2015.

MBX not only handles system integration, software imaging, testing, branding, and logistics, but also provides support services ranging from inventory management, product lifecycle management, and handling all global certification and trade compliance needs. These services are complemented by a proprietary online toolset called Hatch™ that simplifies program administration for MBX customers.


  • One-stop manufacturing, imaging, testing, branding, and shipping
  • Build-to-forecast managed inventory to ensure product availability
  • Flexible support to accommodate unpredictable order flow
  • Custom reporting to document details and history of every appliance
  • Faster supply chain and program management with proprietary Hatch toolset
  • Proactive product lifecycle management
  • Global expertise including certification & trade compliance

“Teaming with MBX has enabled us to focus on our core software platform without worrying about whether we will have enough finished systems to fulfill customer orders, track component EOLs, hunt for critical information like serial numbers, or comply with global requirements,” said Rich Morgan, Director of Supply Chain, Exabeam. They are not only our hardware partner but an extension of our team in every sense of the word.

They are not only our hardware partner but an extension of our team in every sense of the word.”

Next-Generation Threat Detection

The Exabeam Security Management Platform is designed to help organizations detect, investigate and respond to cyberattacks faster, more accurately and more cost-effectively than legacy SIEMs. It uses behavioral analytics, machine learning and automated incident response to proactively uncover and address security threats across insider, cloud, machine, device and IoT asset environments, improving and accelerating threat detection and remediation.

A flat pricing model based on the number of users and devices rather than data volume enables organizations to capture all event logs at predictable cost, helping overcome budget constraints that can force IT teams to limit data collection and thereby cause blind spots leading to missed vulnerabilities.

The platform utilizes a modular deployment strategy spanning three hardware appliances: the EX2000 system containing Exabeam’s core user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) technology, the EX3000 for Exabeam’s event log collection and data storage technology, and the EX4000 management console for large implementations utilizing clustered EX2000 units. It can also be deployed in a range of cloud environments and configurations, as a cloud-based SaaS service, or through a managed security service provider.

End-to-End Hardware Control

When MBX took over Exabeam’s hardware program in 2015, the company moved to custom Supermicro base chassis with off-the-shelf components optimized for the Exabeam platform by the MBX engineering team. The transition not only relieved Exabeam of all hardware manufacturing and drop-shipping responsibilities, but also provided important new controls helping ensure smooth deployment in the field, appliance trackability, and timely hardware updates and order fulfillment. The company is taking advantage of MBX’s:

  • Custom testing during the manufacturing process to ensure the appliance will boot up when installed at the end customer’s site
  • Custom data collection on every finished appliance, going beyond standard data harvesting to support needs ranging from internal bookkeeping to global compliance
  • Product lifecycle management allowing Exabeam to plan well in advance for component EOLs and associated refresh needs
  • Build-to-forecast services designed to eliminate manufacturing-related fulfillment delays by producing enough finished systems to meet anticipated demand
  • Inventory management under which MBX warehouses finished appliances, ships them to end customers on demand, and charges for manufacture only when orders are filled

That ability to build and maintain buffer stock has been instrumental in enabling Exabeam to accommodate sales cycles as their business scales.

“We’re not in a business where people replace their systems every few years. Our sales forecasts can change on a dime as new customers adopt our SIEM platform, and we need to be able to fulfill almost immediately,” Morgan noted. “MBX’s flexibility has been indispensable in helping us avoid stock-outs that would cause fulfillment delays.”

MBX’s flexibility has been indispensable in helping us avoid stock-outs that would cause fulfillment delays.


One-Stop Visibility with Hatch

Partnering with MBX has also streamlined Exabeam’s hardware program management activities by providing access to MBX’s industry-first interactive Hatch toolset. Going far beyond a customer portal, MBX Hatch saves hours of overhead for ISVs like Exabeam by consolidating critical engineering, order, manufacturing, inventory, shipment and supply chain data in a single cloud-based interface.

Instead of spending hours searching for needed information in multiple portals, spreadsheets, documents, ERP systems, and other tools or continually contacting the MBX account team by phone or email for updates and exceptions, Morgan and the Exabeam order management team have point-and-click access to granular details on their hardware operations from a central hub.

“I use Hatch every day and so does my team. Not having it would substantially slow things down,” Morgan said. “Hatch lets me see the build status on our systems, current inventory, serial numbers down to the HDD and SSD level, shipment confirmations, the entire history of every appliance that’s ever shipped, the cost for any individual appliance or shipment, and more, including virtually everything I need for internal reporting and analysis,” added Morgan.

Hatch includes virtually everything I need for internal reporting and analysis.

In my 20-year career in hardware, no other vendor I’ve worked with has matched MBX’s reliability, the range of services they provide, and their willingness to accommodate special requests. They keep our supply chain running smoothly, and that’s critical to Exabeam’s success.