Video Streaming

Delivering breakthrough performance and density with next-gen hardware for storing and managing high-speed content workloads

Is your hardware designed for relentless data growth and high-speed demand?

Build your reputation on high quality, scalable hardware and gain new levels of performance and efficiency. Keep your content flowing with custom-configured hardware from MBX.

Key Benefits

The tools MBX Systems can bring to tackle your video streaming needs.


Change control to capture product updates

Stay confident that product refreshes can keep up with bleeding-edge hardware, while engineering changes are methodically tracked along the way. The MBX Hatch hardware program management toolset closes the loop on engineering changes, with full transparency and traceability into the evolution of your hardware platforms.


Tailor-made testing services

Durability, portability, and a battery of environmental testing assures high-quality systems, inside and out. Acoustic and thermal verification testing ensures optimal conditions for the data center. Packaging testing to ISTA certification standards protects the physical integrity of your product. Custom text fixtures can effectively simulate the end use of the product, testing functions like video output or video signals.

Appliances are at the heart of our content delivery network, so we are always on alert for new technical developments that will allow us to increase our delivery efficiency as our user base and global reach expand. We recognized the potential of using NVMe technology for that purpose early on, but we needed a partner to help us execute our plan. MBX’s engineering skill, supplier relationships, and manufacturing capabilities have helped us do precisely that.