I/ITSEC 2019: First sighting of Varion P1

December 6, 2019 | Engineering

6th December 2019 – 13:15 GMT | by Richard Thomas in Orlando

MBX Systems is looking to harness the military and industry sectors for potential customers for its new Varion P1 image generator, a bespoke addition to its range of platforms aimed to fulfill demand in the flight simulation and training markets.

Developed over a period of nine months, the P1 Varion has been designed to be a rugged, lightweight and portable alternative to other larger form models in the MBX range. The system was shown in public for the first time on the show floor in Orlando on 2 December.

The model shown at I/ITSEC is the maximum specification variant, although customers would be able to choose various internal hardware and configurations as needed, company officials said. The Varion P1 is targeted to simulation customers that need computer processing capability that close to the point of demand.

Designated ‘the first-generation Varion P1’, the system can be brought to full production in 8-12 weeks, depending on component supply. 

The system can accommodate 2 x 2.5” drives or a single 3” drive and supports NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, and an optional VESA mount for attachment to a simulator. It also comes with a Pelican case to enable rugged transportation. 

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