Transparently maintaining today’s technology, relentlessly preparing for the next generation

Value Engineering

A broad platform portfolio allows us to rightsize the hardware for your software, giving you the greatest performance for the price.

Traceable Roadmaps

Strong OEM partnerships gives us access to component roadmaps to plan platform upgrades long before EOL deadlines.

Lifecycle Visibility

Every component’s EOL date is visible within the Engineering feature in Hatch to help you with timing upgrades to your technology.

Platforms designed and maintained with the longevity of your products in mind

MBX provides visibility into the lifecycle timelines for every component used in your platforms, so you’re never caught off guard with unplanned engineering changes. When its time to update your platforms, new configurations are optimized and rigorously tested with your software.


Don’t lose deals due to high hardware costs

  • Platforms rightsized and engineered for scalability based on the needs of the project
  • Portfolio of platforms covering complementary product series to single-source end-to-end project needs
  • Flexible component choices per platform to match the software’s requirements
  • Ability to integrate specialized components into platform configurations


Relentlessly preparing for next-gen technology

  • Navigate lifecycle data with the click of a button, not piles of spreadsheets
  • Pre-release engineering samples jumpstarts the ability to test upgrades
  • MBX platform engineers receive ongoing certification and training from the manufacturers
  • Platform engineers manage updates to drivers and other internal operations to ensure your software works with new hardware


Platform longevity rooted in long-lifecycle OEM hardware

  • End-of-life dates at least 90 days out, proactively maintained in Hatch
  • Stringent revision control mechanisms for hardware/software updates
  • Components’ country of origin are traceable in supply chain tools in Hatch

More Capabilities

Engineering Services

Take your technology to market without the challenges of making it work on hardware

Global Logistics

We’ll seamlessly manage your product deployments while you seize new markets

Kitting and Branding

Small details can create a huge impact – we can bring it all together for you

Quality Manufacturing

With your name on it, every product has to work right out of the box. We stake our reputation on safeguarding yours

Software Image Integrations

The faster and easier you can access your hardware program data, the smarter your operations can function​

Warranty and Support

Warranty and support programs tailored to your project needs

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